So….. it”s been a little quiet here! We are literally in the middle of moving. The house in AL is packed up and we are in transition until we close on our new house next week!!! (Then we have to wait 2wks to get our things!). We are all VERY ready to be settled and back together. Thank you ALL for your patience and understanding while we are all over the place this summer. Working while on the road is not an easy task (especially with three kids under 5 in tow!).

Last weekend we took a weekend trip down to let the kids fish with my dad in FL and I got to drive to Orlando and visit my college friend and her new baby!! He was 5 days old and a DREAM to work with! He was such a good model and slept the whole time (and without any accidents!). It was so great to catch up with mom and snuggle with little man. It is so crazy to think that B was like that almost a year ago to the date!! (Yes, while I”ve been offline, B turned one!! We had a party and pics will come later — too many client posts to catch up on right now!!!)

My internet has not been on other than my BB, so I haven”t been able to post much, but hopefully I can catch up before the craziness of unpacking begins in VA!!

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and a special one for mom and dad …. a family member made the quilt and we had to incorporate some team spirit! 🙂
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