WHEW!!! We made it!! We are in Virginia and getting the house ready to move in the next few weeks. We survived the trip and the kids are being troopers with the crazy schedules, living out of suitcases and one bin of toys (makes me wonder if we need the truckload that is on it”s way here!!).

My last Savannah session almost didn”t happen – the storms every night were proving to be a bit of a problem for beach pictures!! We went for it and luckily the clouds rolled right around us and we even had a bit of sun at the end!

Mom & Dad – Thanks for being good sports and waiting so long for your blog post!!!! I”ve been just as excited as you are to get them up! 🙂 Here are a few to get you through until the rest of the proofs are ready! 🙂

Next up — FOUR sessions from my weekend in ATL!!
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