I have a confession…. I”m obsessed!!

#1 – Food Processor –  I love the sound (how it drowns out all the crazy of a house with three boys under 5)…. I love creating yummy things for those crazy boys (yesterday oreo balls, today baby food)… and I love seeing it anything I put in there beaten to a pulp!!! HA!

#2 (but highest on the list) – This little guy”s face – I mean how can you resist that!?! I am so lucky. He is the sweetest baby ever and so easy going. He still doesn”t sleep 12hrs, but I”m really relishing my cuddles from my little nursling at 4am. Poor guy is teething and just wants his momma 😉 Tonight he enjoyed chewing on a mesh food teether full of whole bananas while I blended up a batch of homemade baby food. I never had the motivation to do it before, but I wasn”t about to throw out 3 bananas and a sweet potato when my friend the food processor could make a yummy meal for B!!

So here is a peek into our evening… B, the food processor and me!

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