With the invention of Facebook, the world has become a very small place! Everyone seems to know someone, who knows someone… very 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon… 

One of my favorite clients (and friends) in Columbia introduced me to the D family via FB when we found out we would be moving to Montgomery. They were coming here too!! And even funnier is that our husbands are both in the Air Force and have followed an eerily similar career path!! I””m so glad we were introduced and have become friends! 

Tonight we went to visit the Shakespeare park – it is just down the street from us, but I””m embarrassed to say it was my first time. It is beautiful!! And lucky for us, the weather held out and after a day of ominous clouds, the sun peeked through and it was a beautiful evening for photos! Miss M did not really think I was particularly funny or interesting… but I managed to get a few smiles and interaction from her. I always win in the end 😉 

I do have to say – Thank goodness for the new camera.. I was able to shoot until it was pretty much DARK outside! Woohoo for Lucy! (yes, I have named my new MkII Lucy.. the only other girl in this house…  😉  )

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…. I love the feel of this – her foot kicked up and the fact that it is out of focus… I was “shooting from the hip” as we walked to a new spot. I processed it a little different than my normal, but I love it… 

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