I’m still recovering from my busy weekend and gearing up for another busy weekend to come – of course it’s valentine’s day to boot. We normally don’t celebrate much since having the kids, but my parents are coming into town and the hubs is surprising me with a night away!

I’m certainly not complaining about work being busy or having time away with my husband… 🙂

Sunday afternoon I met up with a friend from Charleston who is expecting her third baby in a matter of weeks! Much like our third go round, this baby was a bit of a surprise, but such a blessing. Baby #3 is a BOY! He’s going to be well taken care of with two big sisters to look over him. If you have been a blog follower for a while, you may recognize the girls as this is the 4th session we’ve had together since I started. Miss B (the youngest girl) suffered 3rd degree burns on her legs last spring and she is doing wonderfully! Thank you all for the prayers – they worked!

I can’t wait to meet the newest member of the T family!