Well…. It’s home for now at least 😉 (I’ll always be a Georgia girl at heart!)  We are here! The move went as planned and we are all here safe! We are now on day 6 of unpacking and STILL have boxes up to our eyeballs!! I love that we had someone pack us, but I will never understand the logic of packers… I guess in some alternate universe it makes sense to have a wardrobe box that includes a wedding dress, a tv and a box of lampshades (in that order – top to bottom… oh yes). 

Needless to say, it took me a while to find the computer and all the gadgets associated. So, this blog post is a little late…. Last week before we left Columbia, I had the pleasure to photograph the newest newborn yet – ONE day old!!  We were living in the hotel located in the same parking lot as the hospital so it worked out great 🙂  Mom and I had been hoping baby C would arrive before we left town so I could do the newborn pics – he arrived just in time on Thursday afternoon!  Big brother (and Mom and Dad of course) are already so in love. I just love seeing the bond between brothers. My guys can’t stop kissing baby B all over and running to check on him any time he cries. I’ll cherish it now – I’m sure in about a year I’ll be wondering where those sweet moments went! 🙂 

Mom & Dad – Thanks for being patient! Now that I’m hooked up it shouldn’t be long before your gallery is ready and you can see the rest! Enjoy your little man!!