It is something that no parent should have to face – and no child should have to endure. Cancer. As a mother, I cannot imagine watching my child suffer through such a horrible disease and have absolutely no power to fix it.

Tiny Sparrow was founded not to fix cancer, but to help the families keep the memories of their children alive. The moments are all to fleeting even when your child is not sick and the end of their life is not something you have face day to day. For these families, the moments are far too few.

Tiny Sparrow has entered the Pepsi Refresh Campain and needs your votes. The grant is worth $50,000 and would help TS spread it””s wings further than Texas.  PLEASE VOTE .

You get to vote every day in the month of May!!! They need to be in the top 10. It is super easy to register – just log in through facebook (or if you don””t have facebook it is also easy to create an account). SHARE it with your friends!!!  You can also text your vote in!