I know most people think that because we move alot, I seem to handle change well (considering we usually have a newborn and as if life isn”t crazy enough then?!)…. but – I”m actually resistant to change in most cases. I”m never the trail blazer and usually drag my feet on things until the absolute last minute. I still don”t even own an ipod – much less an iphone!! (although I do heart my imac! 😉 )

Well this time I decided to not be the caboose of the train…. I”m not the steam engine either, but I figured I would jump on the train (or bandwagon) and go for it! I think next time I will include more video clips, but for this first attempt, I”m pretty happy with the result – actually, very happy!! I love this family so much and they are great clients and wonderful friends. I hope they enjoy this as much as I do! 🙂

Video sessions will be a special add on to your full session – be sure to ask about it when booking your next session!! I will be booking fall sessions in Northern Virginia soon! Also, I will have July dates for Savannah, Charleston and Columbia!

Music by Plumb and used with permission:

Untitled from danielle hobbs on Vimeo.