Hello again! I feel like it’s been forever since I posted to the blog – but it was just over a week, I guess! We’ve had a long week! We drove down to Mongtomery, AL to look for a new home and preschool – a bigger task than it may seem considering I am 9 months preggo and have two small kiddos in tow. I had grand plans to take pictures of our new town, but it was more of a task than a joy, so the little camera barely came out of my purse…. and by the middle of the week we were all OVER being in the car! We are home safe now and settling back into normal life…. we only have 2.5 weeks until we add a new member to the family, so we will cherish these 2 weeks of “normal”  for now! 🙂 

A bit of news I wanted to share with other photographers and blog readers: 

My good friend and photographer, Christine Hall, is hosting a workshop in Savannah!! I have been her biggest fan since we hired her to photograph our wedding in ’04. She is so wonderfully talented, friendly and sharing. She was so supportive when I mentioned wanting to start my own business and has always given me honest critique and advice to help me grow as a photographer. I am SO proud of her business and new swanky studio. She really has made a huge name for herself in Savannah and the photography world!  I’m so glad she is pairing up with the wonderful Donna Von Bruening to host this workshop for photographers that want to learn more!  I hope I can make it for all of the fun!! The workshop will be at the Mansion at Forsyth – Sept. 8-9th, 2009.