This weekend we drove back up to SC for some visiting and sessions… I have so many wonderful clients in SC – it”s hard to not want to go back every weekend for “work” (it”s not work b/c I love it so much!). So instead, I cram all that I can into one weekend every few months (I”ll be back again in April – let me know if you are interested. I”m almost completely booked, but may be doing a mini session). SO… After three sessions and a much needed night out with my friends, we are back home!

I have a lot of blogging to do about sessions, but I just have to post about these delicious cookies. My best friend and her SIL have started a cookie company (well, not just cookies – they do cupcakes too). M.Bee”s Cookies makes THE MOST delicious cookies you will ever taste. They are iced sugar cookies, but they aren”t just plain old sugar cookies… You almost have to taste them to believe it. TO.DIE.FOR. Of course since we just started the new year, I, along with 1/2 of the population, have been eating better and trying to lose some LB”s… so I planned out my week and saved up for these!! They are that good! I photographed these for their website…. and I”ll just say now that I don”t mind being paid in cookies! 😉

So – if you have any parties coming up or need a special gift for someone (or just want to eat them alone on the sofa!)…. Give them a call! They cover Charleston and Columbia, but also ship anywhere in the country!!

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