Long time no see!! Hello!!!

Now the Christmas cards are out and I have permission to share, I will catch you all up on the fall season soon, but for now I’m just going to start fresh. Nothing is more fresh than sweet newborn baby! 🙂

Last month I did a little mentoring for another photographer here in town – Ashley of Joyful Images. She and I have become friends and have worked together before, so when she said she was learning more about newborn posing, I was finally ready to offer some mentoring and help her learn more posing, lighting, etc. Of course holding a sweet baby and hanging out with a friend is NEVER a bad day 😉  Mr. A was such a dream for us and really let us get a lot in the time we had available!  Tomorrow we are meeting up for round 2 of the mentoring and another sweet baby boy. I cannot wait!

Here are some below that I shot of Mr. A – to view Ashley’s blog post on the session click HERE