1st – For those of you on facebook this isn”t a surprise, but for the rest of you…. We found out that our next move (which we knew would happen this summer, we just didn”t know where) will be up to Northern Virginia! We were not expecting it, but we are getting used to the idea and we think we have found a great home! My husband will actually be working in Arlington. He grew up in the area, so he is excited for us to experience his “hometown” and his parents still live up there so we are looking forward to living in the same town as one set of grandparents – something we haven”t had since we had kids!

2nd – Next week I am packing up the kids and heading to Columbia for the week! I think I am pretty booked for the week with full sessions and an evening of minis, but if you are interested, let me know – I may be able to work something out!!

3rd – I hope everyone had a very happy Easter! I know I”ve been a bad blogger, but I”ve been really enjoying my down time here in AL and snuggling with my boys. This year has gone so fast – I can”t believe B will be 9 months tomorrow!!

and b/c I need a photo to post — here he is 😉

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