Whew – I had a busy day yesterday!! I left my house at 8am and got home at 8pm… thankfully my wonderful husband was home with the boys and the weather was beautiful so they got some “boy time” in while mommy was away.

I took a day trip down to Charleston for 2 sessions (the next one will be posted tomorrow). One reason it was pushed back was the late arrival of baby S! Little man just didn’t want to come out!! He eventually made his arrival and we were able to have our session! Mom warned me that he was typically awake most of the morning – but of course he was a perfect sleepy angel! 🙂 That’s usually how it works (if mom tells me ahead of time) – and if a baby is normally asleep all of the time, it will be wide awake when I get there!

I have a lot of newborns coming up so I’ve been buying a lot of new blankets and hats so it was fun to finally get to use them!


Mom requested that we include the bear that was her’s as a child… I think it is so sweet that they have this to pass on to him.