This week I came across yet another story of a family in need of prayers for one of their kids… linked from another mother dealing with the loss of her baby boy. No parent should ever have to deal with even the possibility of their child dying, much less the harsh reality of losing a child. I have too many (even one is too many, but sadly, I know more than one) close friends that have had to face that reality. It breaks my heart over and over again…. and each time I see these stories, I try to hold my little ones tighter, squeeze longer and soak in every piece I can of them while they are here on this earth with us.

So I stopped saying “I”ll do it tomorrow” and had a little photoshoot with the boys the other day… I don”t want to forget one single thing about them at this age and their bond… it was very last minute and nothing fancy… but that”s fitting b/c that”s our life! It is sad that being a photographer, my own kids have as little pictures as they do… I NEED to be better about this. It is going by so fast and I don”t want to look back 10yrs from now (or even 10 months, days, minutes) and regret the little things I missed – in pictures or in life!

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Sadly, today marks 3 years that the superprincess left this world.  Through most of these tragedies, there are lessons learned. Sheye requested that this be reposted – hopefully sparing another family this pain.


Please continue to pray for all of these families and the families you know (feel free to post links in the comments section – everyone in this situation can use more prayers!).