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    Hi! Welcome to Danielle Hobbs Photography!! We are once again back in beautiful Charleston, SC! My office is located in Mount Pleasant with on-location sessions around the tri-county area.

    Contact me for availability and pricing information! Thank you for visiting the website!

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Simple Natural Baby – Newborn Photographer Mount Pleasant Charleston SC

Just a little update:  I have decided I need a location closer to home, so I will sadly no longer be working with Tamara at Bump Meet Baby Studio.


Here are a few images we haven’t had the chance to blog yet. If you like keeping up with what I’m doing, visit My Facebook page and like it to keep in touch!:)

I’ve been so blessed with wonderful clients since I started photography back in 2006. I LOVE being back in Charleston. We will be moving into our new house in Mt. Pleasant at the start of the summer and I will be adding some beach sessions soon! So many exciting things to come!


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April 21, 2014 - 7:08 pm

Erica Pye - Gorgeous!! Can’t wait to have another baby in order to have another session with you!!

New Year and new things …. Charleston SC Newborn Photographer

If you are a fan of my FB page (here), then you have seen the news… if not, here it is…

I am now partnering with Bump Meet Baby Photography!!!

This means I now have a beautiful studio space for newborns, maternity & baby mini sessions! We have over 1000sf together located in Goose Creek, SC and we are working as a team for the newborns in studio. It has been such a huge secret since we first made the decision and I have been bursting at the seams to share the news with all of you! I have always dreamed of having my own studio, but with our frequent moves and a few kids thrown in, we were never in a place to make it a reality. Now that we have moved back to Charleston, SC and we are settled here FOREVER (you aren’t getting rid of me this time!! HAHA!), it was time. Tamara and I have been friends for a while and after shooting together this time last year, we knew we were in sync photographically and stylistically. Once we knew we were moving back, there was no other option than to team up:) I’m teaching her a few southern ways (recently the introduction to shrimp & grits) and she keeps me on my toes with her constant creative mind and energetic spirit. We have SO many fun things on the horizon already this year!

It is going to be a FUN and EXCITING new year!  Here is a peek at what we have been up to lately….


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marry me – Charleston SC Photographer


Earlier this year, I was asked to photograph an intimate wedding in the low country. A few years ago I decided to hang up my wedding photographer hat and focus on newborns and families. We were moving too often to pin down dates as far out as weddings are planned. Luckily, I was able to this time and while my nerves were a bit shot in the week leading up to it, and it threatened to rain on us most of the day, the wedding turned out beautiful and intimate and FUN. A certain little 6 year old stole the dance floor at the reception and got the party started. Everything was so perfect, I had to try really hard to narrow this preview down so the blog wouldn’t crash!!  I may have once again been bitten by the wedding bug:)

And they lived happily ever after:)

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October 29, 2013 - 8:01 pm

Beth DeWolf - I love all of them, and I love the final one with Zoom “all danced out”! LOL

Let’s go to the beach – Charleston SC Child Photography

If you follow my business page on facebook (here), then you know we had a pretty big event happen recently…. Daddy Hobbs came home!! (see some homecoming pics here) To celebrate and have a little family time, we took our annual beach trip a little early. The kids love digging in the sand and we all enjoy the time with our little family of 5. (It’s also nice to be near our friends in Charleston too!).

As always, I take my camera and attempt a little session on the beach with the boys. Usually it ends as it does for most photographers that attempt photos of their own kids…. poorly. I don’t bring out the “big guns” often because of this and shoot most of our daily life with my iphone. I know…. the cobblers kids have no shoes. Well, I am happy to report that this year was a completely different experience! I don’t know if the boys are getting older or if it helped going out in the morning vs the evening, but it was great!! Of course I miss that dreamy golden hour light over the ocean, but instead I actually got SMILES and happy kids!:)So our cloudy morning walk on the beach will be on our walls at home soon… I have a very blank wall in my kitchen that has been crying out for some love… and we may have just what we need here!:)

SO – Enjoy! My crazy kiddos:

I will not be surprised if this guy grows up to be an actor. He is a riot!

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April 29, 2013 - 8:31 pm

Tara - Lovely! Such fun memories :) Love it Danielle! Those boys are stinkin’ cute!

Sweet Girl – South Carolina Newborn Photographer

Let’s be honest, I’m terrible at blogging.

I never know what to say and I often write out a whole post only to delete it because I think I sound silly. I’m not known for my story telling (just as my husband!). I really get choked up for words when I have so many things to say I don’t even know where to start. This is the case right now.

I met this new momma in college. She is one of THE sweetest people I’ve ever met. We found each other on facebook after losing touch through the years of relationships, jobs, moving and life. I am so very thankful sometimes for the technology we have today. Back when we met AOL was just starting (gasp! OLD!).  I was honored when she wanted me to come to Chattanooga, TN and photograph her sweet little girl. The last time I was there was actually when we went to a formal in college! Ok, Before I get started on a tangent and prove that I am a horrible story teller, here is her beautiful new family.  :)

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