Babies are so perfect and beautiful just as they are. They need no fancy props. Organic, Baby Led Newborn Photography has been my focus for the last few years. The funny thing is, when I started 10 years ago, all I had was simple blankets, a black fleece and a baby. I had a lot to learn about light, but my vision then has come full circle to match my skill and it just makes my heart sing. I aim to create newborn portraits that are timeless and that show your baby as perfect as he was then.

Baby Led Newborn Photography Simple Newborn Organice Newborn Portrait Northern Virginia Newborn Portraits

He was such a sweet baby dream. I had to show you more from this session (and this isn’t all of it). I love including mom and dad in my natural light studio sessions as well. This is the only time your baby will be this tiny and held in your hands. The way they snuggle up on your chest and sleep so soundly listening to the beat of your heart <3  Contact me to learn more about newborn portraits in my Gainesville, VA natural light studio.

Natural Newborn Photography