I get asked often by other photographer about my editing. I used to hand edit everything but sometimes presets come along and save you time and sanity! Presets shouldn’t force you to change the way you shoot to achieve your desired look – they should work with you to speed up your workflow. If you watch the video you can see I have a slew of other presets I’ve wasted money on in the past. Since I bought these, I haven’t had to spend another dime on more presets that will never see the light of day.

Marta Locklear – and amazing hybrid photographer herself – created the Refined Presets last year. They have been such a game changer for my workflow! Here are a few various images that show how I use the presets to create the look I want from my images.

Here is a link to purchase if you are interested in learning more: REFINED PRESETS

ACR Refined Edits Video from Danielle Hobbs on Vimeo.

ACR Presets used to edit family and newborn images