Early this week we took one last trip down to Panama City to visit my husband”s brother and his family. We have had such a great year being within driving distance and the kids have had a ball getting to know each other! We are really going to miss hanging out so much after we move! 🙁

Speaking of the move – We have a contract on a house!! We should be moving in at the end of July if all goes well. (Cross fingers!!) We will be in limbo for the next few weeks – so bare with me if I don”t return emails/calls quickly or if you have orders coming in — I will be living out of a suitcase, but plan to take my computer with me, so hopefully I will be able to keep things going without too many bumps in the road! Thank you for your patience and understanding!!

We are so glad we were able to visit the beaches in the gulf before they are hit by the ensuing devastation of the oil spill. So far, they are clear, but after this last event, I doubt it will be long before these beaches no longer look this beautiful. We had a bit of storm pass over (as we were on the beach with the kids) during the day, and I knew it was going to be a beautiful sunset — yay for summer storms!! We tried to shoot until it was too dark to see – I”m so glad we got some great ones before the light gave out on us!!
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